Celina is a painter, working on large canvases, nudes, oysters, etc.  Hugh is a photographer now specialising in underwater photography for exhibitions worldwide. We are originally from Argentina and England so you'll hear Spanish, English and French around our house. 

We have four children, some who have already flown the nest, and a lovely dog, Paco, who loves receiving our guests! 

We have created a place that, we hope, gives you comfort and rest.

A place where you can switch off, enjoy nature and have a good time.

And when you need a bit of "on" time you'll  find wonderful places to go to, delicious food to eat in lovely restaurants, towns to discover and much more.

We are both passionate about our homes and hope others will appreciate their unique qualities. 

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Our Address

La Taulière

Saint Martin de Crau 13310 


Contact Us

TEL: (+33) 0673874035   

E-MAIL:  hugh.arnold@wanadoo.fr